Core Drills

Code Diameter
Code Diameter
Code Diameter
CD005 5x50 CD025 25x50 CD065 65x50
CD006 6x50 CD030 30x50 CD067 67x50
CD008 8x50 CD032 32x50 CD070 70x50
CD010 10x50 CD035 35x50 CD076 76x50
CD012 12x50 CD040 40x50 CD080 80x50
CD015 15x50 CD045 45x50 CD085 85x50
CD018 18x50 CD050 50x50 CD090 90x50
CD020 20x50 CD055 55x50 CD095 95x50
CD022 22x50 CD060 60x50 CD100 100x50
  • Designed for fast and efficient coring of soft and engineering stones
  • Dry or wet application
  • Attachment M14, 5/8”–11 or adapter diameter 12 mm
  • Other sizes upon customer’s request