Design and manufacture of high quality abrasive tools


IMN Abrasive specializes in designing and manufacturing of high quality abrasive tools.  Our diamond tools are used for cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping and polishing of natural and engineering stones, concrete, different types of composite materials, ceramic, automotive etc. Our CBN coated tools are used for grinding and sharpening of tempered steels.

Our tungsten carbide products are the best for rough finishing on different types of stone. We are proud of our highly professional staff that is ready to provide tailor -made products to suit your specific needs and to give the best technical support.

You can fully rely on our background and expertise.

Our philosophy is based
on responsibility
and competence.

Why choose us

High quality abrasive tools

Wide range of applications

Highly professional staff

Option for tailor-made products

Fields of application

Natural and engineering stones


Composite materials


Tempered steel

… and more

Abrasive tools for your needs
Rely on our background and expertise

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